DNA Variations - The Sea
Stuart Mitchell first DNA Suite
dedicated to life in the Sea

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"DNA music exists within every living organism universally and now we have the technology 
to unlock a symphony from within everyone for a better and more aesthetic 
understanding of life, ourselves and each other". 
Stuart Mitchell

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"We are sung, musically into form. I love this fact. We are all part of a symphony, a choreography of a score.
But we bring love to the game...that is our essence our participation and our ultimate goal.."
Stuart Mitchell

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All the proceeds from the Human Genome Music is going toward the health and beauty of humanity. We are donating all proceeds to children's causes all over the planet, so that the Human Genome Sequence does 'not' just become a string of data. But takes care of the generations to come, that will depend upon our artistic, caring and scientific discoveries to benefit all mankind and our future generations..all we need to do, is care about our and our children's future..


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DNA Music Video (David Deamer)

Scientists use Music to Code Proteins

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