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We are now translating 23 and Me clients data into DNA music. If you have already had your DNA processed there,
you can upload the data to directly to us securely and directly through this website.
Just click the button below to get started and send us your DNA data to be created into music. Order your DNA Kit Here.

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Basic Raw MIDI format   55 GBP / $85

Our basic package includes the translation of your DNA data to music MIDI file and score. Then you can arrange and produce your music yourself. (With option to upgrade)
Solo Instruments / Piano 199 GBP / $308

Have your DNA music translated, arranged and scored for any Solo instrument of your choice, for example: Piano, Guitar, Harp, Flute all performed and recorded  by professional artists.
 Electronic/Ambient/Dance 199 GBP / $308

We also cover contemporary Dance, Ambient, Dub-step music for the younger generation.
Full Orchestral/Classical 499 GBP / $765

Our Platinum Package is a fully scored Orchestral work translated and arranged by professional composers to your preferred style, tempo and instrumentation.

Our services do NOT include DNA collection Kit & Unique Genetic testing,
the DNA data has to be obtained by the client themselves due to the Data Protection Act.

The cost is a reasonable 20 GBP for DNA collection Kit and 70 GBP for DNA Profile Test.

For UK customers you can obtain your DNA profile from here:



For USA customers:   https://gtldna.com/dna-tests/